Product use:
JM88-350 horizontal cold-extrusion press is applicable to extrusion of cylindrical, can-shaped and bottle-shaped nonferrous metal products, such as aluminum barrels and cans, power battery aluminum cases, aluminum cans for auto parts, capacitor aluminum cases, etc.
Product features:
Toggle transmission mechanism with multiple connecting rods is used for JM88-350 horizontal cold-extrusion press. The speed of sliding block gradually slows down in extrusion stroke and extrusion force gradually increases to make for plastic deformation of metal blank in extrusion; the body is of cast steel structure as a whole for good rigidity and impact resistance; the speed of workpiece extrusion and production efficiency are high; precision of products subject to extrusion forming is uniform and stable; automatic feeding and discharging system is equipped without cutting to save materials and labor for low manufacturing cost.
Item Unit  
Nominal pressure KN 3500
Nominal pressure stroke mm 12
Extrusion stroke mm 20
Stroke of slide mm 385
Stroke per minute min-1 30
Max die set height mm 665
Die set height adjustment mm 12
Max diameter of blank mm Ф70
Power of main motor KW 37