Product use:

JA88-500 horizontal cold-extrusion press is advanced equipment with few or without cutting technology, capable of extrusion forming of ferrous and nonferrous materials at a time through backward or combined extrusion.

 Working specification:

1. Inch stroke: for adjustment of machine tool

2. Single stroke: for adjustment of die and test of punching

3. Continuous stroke: for machine tool in normal working condition


Structure and performance features:

1. Toggle transmission mechanism with multiple connecting rods is used. The sliding block has relatively long extrusion stroke and nominal pressure stroke. The speed of sliding block gradually slows down in nominal pressure stroke, extrusion force gradually increases and there is dwell time of 0.3~0.35s at the end point to increase service life of die, so as to ensure plastic deformation of metal blank in cold extrusion, reduce deformation resilience in discharging of products, and make the grain structure of products more compact.

2. The body is of cast steel structure as a whole with good rigidity and impact resistance.

3. The clutch is pneumatic multidisc friction brake to provide high sensitivity when the machine tool is started or stopped.

4. Automatic charging, feeding and discharging devices are set, realizing high automation and saving manpower.

5. Automatic protective device is set for convenient operation with high safety factor.

Main technical parameters
Item Unit Value(JA88-500)
Nominal Pressure KN 5000
Nominal Pressure Stroke mm 60
Stroke of Slide mm 410
Stroke Perminute min-1 16
Max Shut Height mm 820
Adjustment of Shut Height mm 15
Power of Main Motor Kw 110
Type of Main Motor   YH280M-4
Machine tool shape dimension (length * width * height) mm 7650*2850*3070
Weight of Machine Kg 40000