Product use:

JB88-1000 horizontal cold-extrusion press is advanced equipment with few or without cutting technology, capable of extruding metal blank into can-shaped, cylindrical and bottle-shaped parts at a time through backward or combined extrusion. It is commonly used in manufacturing industries of power battery aluminum case, aluminum cans for auto parts, capacitor can, packaging bottles for chemical products, drinking bottles and catridge, turbine blank, bearing sleeve, gear ring, anchorage jacket, universal joint outer ring and other relatively large and complicated parts.


Structural characteristics of product:

Toggle mechanical motion mechanism with multiple connecting rods is used. The speed of sliding block gradually slows down in extrusion stroke and extrusion force gradually increases to make for plastic deformation of metal blank in extrusion. The body is of cast steel structure as a whole for high strength, good rigidity and impact resistance; the precision of machine tool is high, and the parts subject to extrusion forming are accurate in size with smooth surface; manipulator is designed for automatic charging and connected to hoist and other automatic feeding mechanisms to better meet user requirements with convenient and safe operation.

Main technical parameters
Item Unit Value(JB-1000)
Nominal pressure KN 1000
Nominal pressure stroke mm 65
Stroke of slide mm 520
Srtoke per minute min-1 18
Max shut height mm 1080
Adjustment of shut height mm 15
Max diameter of blank mm Ø143
Max length of blank mm 380
Power of Main motor Kw 132