JB88-1200 Horizontal Multi-link Toggle type Cold Extrusion Press is advanced equipment with few or without cutting technology. Through reverse extrusion or composite extrusion, it can make the metal blanks into tubular and cylindrical products at one-time extrusion. It adopts multi-link toggle mechanical motion mechanism. When the sliding block moves between nominal strokes, the extrusion force gradually increases and the speed of sliding block gradually slows down with pressure holding time of about 0.3 seconds at the end of the point to make for plastic deformation of metal blank in extrusion. The body is of cast steel structure as a whole for high strength, good rigidity, and impact resistance. The precision of machine is high, and the parts subject to extrusion forming is accurate in size with smooth surface. The manipulator is designed for automatic charging and connected to hoist and other automatic feeding mechanisms to better meet users’ requirements with convenient and safe operation.

 Jiangsu Qili Forging Machine Tool Co. , Ltd. specializes in producing multi-link toggle type cold extrusion press, which is mainly used in the metal forming industry to produce round, square, flat and other tubular and pot-shaped products like piston,cylinder, filter shell, power battery aluminum shell, super capacitor aluminum can, packaging bottles for chemical products, drinking bottles and other large and complicated shaped products.

S/N Content Unit Value
1 Nominal pressure KN 12000KN
2 Nominal pressure stroke        mm 65mm
3 Stokes of slide                 mm 520mm
4 Stokes per minute              min-1 16-18min-1
5 Max shut height               mm 1080mm
6 Adjustment of shut height      mm 16mm
7 Power of main motor          KW 132KW
8 Overall dimension (L*W*H)         mm 8000*3200*2400
9 Weight KG 75000KG